What NEO Moto News covers … and what it doesn’t

As an online newspaper for northeast Ohio motorcyclists, NEO Moto News’ mission is to keep riders in the know about what is happening within the region’s motorcycling community. To accomplish that mission, we cover a wide variety of topics and events – though we do have some boundaries to protect our brand’s value and journalistic integrity.

What NEO Moto News does cover

Road riding in NEO and beyond

NEO Moto News’ road riding coverage includes helping new riders find the best motorcycle roads in northeast Ohio, as well as stories about road conditions and closures on popular motorcycling routes; neat points of interest to check out on your next ride; and any attempts by local governments or interest groups that would curtail riders’ freedom to use public roads.

For road riders who like to get a little farther away from home when out riding, we also provide occasional coverage of notable roads and points of interest throughout Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Off-road riding in (and near) NEO

From trail conditions to listing the best unimproved roads to explore on an adventure or dual sport bike, NEO Moto News keeps off-road riders in the know about the region’s off-road riding scene.

Like with road riding, we also provide occasional coverage of off-road riding throughout the whole of Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Racing in (and near) NEO

Northeast Ohio is home to a wide range of motorcycle competition, including road racing, drag racing, motocross, observed trials and off-road racing. We do our best to keep tabs on results from race tracks within our coverage area, as well as provide coverage when national series –like NHRA or MotoAmerica — visit racing facilities in or near northeast Ohio.

Regional motorcycle events

From big events like AMA Vintage Motorcycles Days and Fuel Cleveland to the weekly bike night scene to demo fleets stopping at local dealerships, NEO Moto News provides coverage of motorcycle-oriented events within our 21-county coverage area. Though we can’t be at every bike night, bike show or swap meet, we do our best to distribute coverage of the region’s many events big and small.

NEO riders’ stories & accomplishments

Each motorcyclist has a story about how they got into riding, and the region’s motorcycle enthusiasts and builders have accomplishments under their belts that warrant media coverage. From local custom bike builds to riders who ride to exotic destinations or find success in national-level motorcycle competition to enthusiasts who amass large or distinguished motorcycle collections, NEO Moto News is here to share northeast Ohioans’ motorcycle stories and feats with the region’s riding community. 

Our publication also features space for the region’s motorcycling enthusiasts to share their stories in their own words. We accept submissions from readers that meet certain guidelines and give each piece we receive editorial consideration.

What NEO Moto News does not cover

Events not open to the public

The events listed in the NEO Moto News Calendar are ones that riders do not have to be members of a specific club or organization to attend. Participation in an event could require having a club membership, competition license, American Motorcyclist Association membership or something similar.

Disgruntled customers

If you had a bad experience at a local motorcycle business, NEO Moto News is not a platform for you to broadcast your dissatisfaction. If a situation arose where there was a rash of poor or unethical business practices with a business, the NEO Moto News editorial staff would give that type of story editorial consideration. But isolated incidents of customer dissatisfaction is not news, and NEO Moto News does not publish editorial coverage or guest essays about private matters between customers and businesses.

Dangerous or illegal riding

NEO Moto News does not feature coverage of riders committing illegal, dangerous or anti-social acts. Hooliganism, along with excessive motorcycle sound, is one of the biggest drivers of the negative stigma motorcycling has among the non-riding public. NEO Moto News does not help fuel the widespread misunderstanding of the motorcycling community by featuring coverage of reckless motorcycle operation – especially on public roads or trails.

One-Percent clubs and events

NEO Moto News does not provide coverage of any self-identified One-Percent MCs, or any club or organization that engages in illegal or unethical behavior, or the events put on by those organizations.


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