Introducing ‘What’s New at Skidmark’

Skidmark Garage – a community garage located just east of downtown Cleveland – is one of northeast Ohio’s motorcycling gems. NEO Moto News will bring its readers periodic coverage on the shop’s events, as well as the stories, builds and other accomplishments of Skidmark members.

Shop area at Skidmark Garage. Photo by LR Photography

For those who have not heard of Skidmark – or a community garage in general – it’s like a co-op where members can store and work on their motorcycles. Skidmark was founded by Clevelander Brian Schaffran in 2015, and has twice relocated to larger shop spaces since then. Skidmark and Schaffran have been featured in several local and national publications – including American Motorcyclist and RevZilla’s Common Tread – and, according to Schaffran, membership is now at an all-time high.

Our stories will introduce readers to new members, highlight the progress members are making on their custom projects, expound upon what members have learned through their experience at Skidmark and share members’ stories about motorcycling. 

The 12,000-square-foot, first floor shop space is located in a 1910s industrial building at 4806 Hamilton Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114. Schaffran moved Skidmark into its current space in November 2021.

Lounge area at Skidmark Garage. Photo by LR Photography

At Skidmark, members are expected to offer and receive assistance from each other while working on their motorcycles. Members’ projects range from simple maintenance to comprehensive custom builds and restorations. Schaffran estimates that he currently has about 55 monthly members and that more than 100 motorcycles are stored at the shop.

The majority of the space is dedicated bike work and features more than a dozen work spaces and a variety of larger tools – including a large air compressor, welding equipment, drill and shop presses, overhead cranes and tire-changing equipment. There’s also a lounge and bar area for the shop’s social events, as well as a double-decked motorcycle storage space.

For more information about Skidmark Garage, visit


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