Submission Guidelines

Moto Cleveland welcomes articles authored by its readers in the form of letters to the editor and guest essays.

A letter to the editor is a written response to something reported on by Moto Cleveland and is limited to 500 words or fewer.

Guest essays are original works written in the first person about an individual’s opinion or experiences. They are limited to 1,000 words are fewer.

Letters to the editor and guest essays submitted to Moto Cleveland must adhere to the following guidelines to receive editorial consideration:

  • Submissions should be proofread before they are submitted. We’re not expecting a professional level of editing – that’s our job. Just at least give each piece a once-over and use a spelling and grammar checker before you send it our way.
  • Any photos must be of a high enough resolution to be used on the Moto Cleveland website or on social media. Images that are 1,200 pixels wide are usually high-resolution enough for web use, though some smaller images may be usable.
  • Photos cannot have watermarks and photo credit or source must be disclosed for any images not shot by the author of a submission. Moto Cleveland reserves the right to not use any photo submitted for a variety of editorial and copyright reasons.
  • Submitting a piece does not guarantee its publication
  • Priority is given to writers who reside within Moto Cleveland’s coverage area.
  • Letters to the editor and guest essays cannot have been published anywhere else – in print or online – prior to their submission to Moto Cleveland.
  • When submitting an article or photos, you are giving Moto Cleveland unlimited, non-exclusive use rights to them. This means Moto Cleveland is free to publish and republish any written pieces – in whole or in part – and use any photos – in original or modified condition – at any time on our website, social media accounts, advertising or elsewhere. You are free to try to publish or sell the article or photos elsewhere after they have been published by Moto Cleveland.
  • Submissions may not contain advertising or other forms of solicitation. Any financial or other potential conflicts of interest between the author and the subject of a piece must be disclosed at the time of submission.