What’s the plan for 2023?

When I started developing a business plan for NEO Moto News, I had no expectations about where the project would stand almost 12 months later.

Some aspects of it haven’t progressed as much as I’d like – for a variety of reasons – but the site is up and running with a variety of content and is poised to begin fulfilling its mission by the end of 2023.

By the time I launched NEO Moto News in mid-August (after about seven months of planning), I knew I wasn’t going to have the site 100 percent where I wanted it by the end of the year. What I did want to accomplish at that point was to have laid the “foundation” of the project – the website’s structure and appearance and the project’s mission, vision and branding. Thankfully I was able to tick all of those boxes, and am looking forward to spending the first few months of 2023 refining the site’s appearance and improving its non-editorial content before pushing hard to build brand awareness for the remainder of the year.

One aspect of NEO Moto News I didn’t have a chance to fully develop in 2022 is the calendar – which I believe will be one of the site’s biggest draws. I’ll be combing the internet and tapping my network of local contacts to find lots of motorcycle-related events to add to the calendar – so that readers can visit one webpage to learn what’s happening with motorcycling in northeast Ohio.

As for promoting NEO Moto News, the plan is to grow awareness of the site within the northeast Ohio motorcycling community on social media, as well as through a presence at local motorcycle events. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet many of this project’s early adopters in-person this year. If there’s an event you’d like to see NEO Moto News at, contact us and hopefully we’ll be able to make it happen.

2022 was the year I got NEO Moto News started, and I expect 2023 to be the year NEO Moto News starts getting traction with my fellow motorcyclists in my home region. Despite some setbacks, I’m as enthusiastic as ever about the project and its potential to grow the motorcycling scene.


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