Iron Pony Motorsports aims to open ‘regional supercenter dealership’ in Mansfield

One of Ohio’s most notable motorcycling brands is aiming to expand its operations in Mansfield, Ohio, within the next year. Iron Pony Motorsports, which operates its flagship motor sports accessories store and Pony Powersports dealership in Westerville and smaller dealerships in Mansfield and Lancaster, is said to be interested in purchasing vacant commercial structures at 1280-1300 Park Ave. West in Mansfield. 

At a Mansfield City Planning Commission Meeting on Oct. 11, Eric Elizondo of Skilken Gold – the current owners of 1280-1300 Park Ave. West – stated to the commission that the company began negotiating to sell the properties to Iron Pony owner Chris Jones in April 2021 and that Iron Pony plans to open a “regional supercenter dealership” at the site. 

Elizondo stated that the estimated cost of the store would be about $2 million, that the deal would take about 90 days to close and that construction is expected to take about 6-8 months. He expected to know whether the sale will go through within the next 30-60 days.

The purpose of the hearing before the City Planning Commission was Skilken Gold’s petition to obtain an extension on the City of Mansfield’s demolition order for one of the two structures that would be part of the transaction – the former “Cinema World” building at 1300 Park Ave. West.

The commission voted to table the matter until its next meeting Nov. 22, and City of Mansfield Assistant Law Director Jake Lynn requested that a representative from Iron Pony attend that meeting to discuss the potential sale on the record.

Iron Pony purchased its current Pony Powersports dealership in Mansfield – the former McCune Cycle World at 327 Ashland Rd. – in 2016 and bought and rebranded the former Affordable Powersports dealership in Lancaster, Ohio, earlier this year.

The current Pony Powersports dealership in Mansfield covers about 12,000 square feet – about one-tenth of the footprint of Iron Pony’s about 100,000 square-foot store (a former Kmart) in Westerville.

NEO Moto News will continue to follow this developing story.


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