KTM rider Steede claims silver in Women’s World Trophy Class at 2022 FIM ISDE

This is a press release issued by KTM North America

The 96th edition of the International Six Days Enduro has concluded from Le Puy-En-Velay, France, with an action-packed day of motocross tests to wrap up the sixth day of racing on Saturday. Congratulations to KTM-supported rider, Korie Steede, on an incredible ISDE debut where she claimed a silver medal in the individual Women’s World Trophy category. Additionally, KTM-supported Mateo Oliveira earned a respectable fourth, individually, in his first year of Junior World Trophy competition.

After five long days of racing through rough and challenging enduro terrain, riders were treated to a welcomed jaunt on the motocross track, serving as the ultimate finish to the 96th edition of the event. Known for their strong motocross efforts, the American riders fared well on the final day with Steede finishing first in the Women’s World Trophy and teammate Rachel Gutish (GASGAS) coming through for third.

In the World Trophy, FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Kailub Russell finished as top American for the week in 14th overall, while teammate Layne Michael (Yamaha) scored 16th, Josh Toth (KTM) in 19th and Dante Oliveira (KTM) in 35th. As a team, the U.S. riders finished fifth overall in the World Trophy category.

Mateo Oliveira had a strong run in the motocross section, finishing third on the day and fourth for the week in Junior Trophy. His teammate, Austin Walton (Husqvarna Motorcycles), claimed the top step of the podium for Junior Trophy on Day 6, claiming victory in the JSE2 category.

Korie Steede, Women’s World Trophy Rider: “I am really excited to finish second in my first ISDE appearance! Definitely bummed for my teammate Brandy and really wish she could have been here at the finish with us but we’re looking forward to coming back even stronger!”

Mateo Oliveira, Junior World Trophy Rider: “I was able to pull out a third with my teammate Austin Walton getting the win, so it was a good way to cap off the ISDE. I’m still a little disappointed with my efforts this week. I felt like I could have put in a lot better results if I just focused a little bit more and charged a little harder but we’re going to take it, learn from it and hopefully bring it into next year.”

Kailub Russell, World Trophy Rider: “We’re all a little disappointed as a team of where we ended up, but we had a fun day. I almost ripped the holeshot, but the first turn was so slick. Coming from 13th, I had to cut everybody off and just went a little wide. I was trying to make some moves. I was in fourth there for a minute and fell down. I lost a few positions and got tight. It was a gnarly track – super square-edged and rock littered throughout the entire track. It was pretty beat up.”

Dante Oliveira, World Trophy Rider: “Myself and the bike made it through all six days, so I can’t complain. I had some fun out here in France. We got a little bit of everything. I’m excited to get after it next year for a little bit of redemption. Thanks to the whole AMA crew, all the staff, the volunteers and everybody here helping us out. We couldn’t do without all of them.

Josh Toth, World Trophy Rider: “Dante came in hot on the first turn, and we both went through the banners into some workers but we made it out and I made some passes. I kind of settled into a pace and just finished it out. I did what I could. I had a good time and am looking forward to maybe coming back again.”

For a list of complete results from the 2022 International Six Days Enduro, please visit http://fim-isde.com/2022-results.

World Trophy Classification (After Day 6 of 6)

  1. Great Britain, 12:49:54.60
  2. Italy, +4:45.70
  3. Spain, +4:46.23
  4. France, +9:56.90
  5. USA, +17:48.68

Junior World Trophy Classification (After Day 6 of 6)

  1. Italy, 9:58:58.44
  2. Finland, +2:52.88
  3. Australia, +6:11.33
  4. Great Britain, +12:01.09
  5. Spain, +16:36.54

Women’s World Trophy Classification (After Day 6 of 6)

  1. Great Britain, 11:20:44. 91
  2. France, +15:03.73
  3. Australia, +21:06.01
  4. Sweden, +48:16.86
  5. Canada, +2:00:08.59

Header photo caption: U.S. ISDE Women’s World Trophy Team member Korie Steede (No. 303) competing at the 2022 FIM International Six Days Enduro in Le Puy-En-Velay, France.


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